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HGH Testing

HGH Testing

HGH is a very integral part of the human body. The growth and metabolism of the body is dependent on its proper functioning. The level of HGH in the body will vary from person to person. Very high or very low levels of HGH - go to this resourse have severe effects on the body. If a child has high levels of HGH then he might suffers from a condition called gigantism. But in case the person becomes deficient of HGH then various other body problems may affect the body. Therefore the kind of effect a person suffers from its levels depends on the age as well.

Insulin like growth factors works in coordination with the HGH for sale. In case either of them is high in levels then the other will be high as well. There are tests for measuring the levels insulin like growth factors. This test is to measure level of IGF-I in the blood stream. A person has to suffer if his body has abnormal levels of HGH. But all these problems can be solved through natural and pharmaceutical methods. For such problems many solutions have been derived but a person has to choose between a natural method and pharmaceutical method. A wide variety of products are thus available ion the market for the same purpose.

Acromegaly is a condition in which a tumor develops in the pituitary gland. For the correct test reports a patient is advised not to move at all when the blood is taken out from his body for tests. This is advised because even a single movement can trigger hormones to function. This will not allow the tests to give the accurate result. If a patient is taking some sort of medicines for the same person then he should mention that at the time of the test. It will help in giving the perfect result. If a person has some problems apart from the HGH levels then he should inform his doctor about the same because it will help the doctor to keep in mind his restrictions for working. He will thus accordingly find out ways to diagnose you. In case you are taking some medication for the same then do not forget to inform about this to the doctor as well.

The way in which the test for the HGH levels is carried is as followed. Blood samples of the patient are taken everyday to monitor the change in hormones on various days.  The IGF-1 levels are also considered for this test. In case the patient has any sort of allergies or some disorder then he should report that to the doctor. The results may differ from lab to lab. But the basic criterion is for Men 0-5 ng/m and women 0-10 ng/ml. for children the levels is 0-16 ng/m. these are the normal values. A higher value indicates gigantism. These statistics are general and a person is tested depending upon these statistics. Any low or higher levels from these values are regarded as a problem.

Growth hormone suppression test is also carried out for the same purpose. In this the levels of GH are tested before and after consuming sugar. The level should come out to be low for a reliving result otherwise the case shows that the person has acromegaly. In this test the insulin levels of a person are taken into consideration for coming out to a conclusion. The person’s blood samples are taken when he has not consumed any sugar and after that as well. This showcases the entire changes that happen in a person’s body de the changing levels of HGH.

But with time more and more tests are being discovered for accurately judging the problem. Up till now many tests are available for accurate testing of the problems.  These tests are very important because they give the result for what is happening in the body. Before coming to any sort of conclusion a doctor always asks is patient to undergo a particular test for that problem. These are necessary because without these tests a doctor cannot come to any medication or prescription.

A person should always get these tests done by a good laboratory people because the results also vary from lab to lab.

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